Early Start Games

Early Start Games was created to deliver educational games that kids will love. Currently available are our literacy games, encompassing our word games and spelling games. Coming soon will be our math games for kids, starting with times tables.

Our word games for kids were developed from our experiences teaching our own children to read. One of the things that has worked best in teaching our eldest daughter to read was nightly sight word sessions with laminated flashcards based on the Dolch word list.

Our reading games are designed so the child is guided through by a parent, and not remove from the experience. It is often the sharing of these experiences, some dedicated time together that helps motivate children to learn. We also built an alphabet game into the sight words application so younger siblings could join in.

Our kids spelling games are based on the same dolch word list as the sight word game. In these games, the child practices spelling the same words that they have just learned to read, further reinforcing them in the childs mind.

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